M Wealth

Wealth Preservation Partners utilizes M Wealth which is part of M Financial Group, one of the nation’s premier financial services design and distribution companies. After revolutionizing the life insurance industry, M Financial explored new ways to expand into complementary business lines and provide Member Firms with access to innovative products and services. Building on the scale and quality of its life insurance business, M Financial created its wealth management platform—M Financial Wealth Management (“M Wealth”)—using the same core values.

Recognizing that “off-the-shelf” does not always best serve advisory clients, M Wealth offers an investment platform specifically designed to complement the insurance and estate planning Member Firms offer. Sophisticated, yet simple in its delivery, M Wealth is driven by their five guiding principles:

  • Be Strategic in Our Approach to Market Exposure—M Wealth’s investment philosophy is based on these beliefs: market prices are the best estimate of current value, risk and return are related, and investors should be compensated for risk. While asset class investing strategies are appropriate for most situations, there are instances in which active management is appropriate. When that is the case, M Wealth believes access to elite managers is critical.
  • Holistic, Goals-based Planning Fuels Sustainability—M Wealth recognizes each client has a unique set of goals in life and a pool of resources that, when aligned with sophisticated wealth management, can help to achieve those goals. Using an asset liability approach for goals-based planning provides a framework that helps M Wealth leverage and optimize investors’ financial, social, and human forms of capital toward the achievement of their long-term life goals and family mission.
  • Cultivate Deep Relationships with Select Investment Managers—through our network of industry contacts and the combined market strength of M Financial, M Wealth has built relationships with a number of the nation’s leading investment management companies to achieve economies of scale.
  • Independence Matters—using an open architecture platform, M Wealth is not restricted to using prescribed products or services. With a commitment to independence, M Wealth employs a platform where its only compensation is a fully disclosed and transparent quarterly advisory fee.
  • Be Efficient, Especially with Cost and Turnover—minimizing tax and investment management expenses allows for cost-efficient access to market return. Where possible, institutionally priced products are used to leverage economies of scale.

M Wealth’s discipline in adhering to these principles remains critical to our long-term success. Through these principles, their sole motivation is to help clients achieve their life goals regardless of market performance.